A top-grade printing system or wide format scanner is a crucial tool in any field (construction, engineering, architecture, graphic arts, etc.) or workplace (university, industrial complex, government agency, library, printing centre, etc.).

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During our assessment, we take care to get a complete picture of your needs and business. We look at your current equipment, your printing consumption and applications, the print jobs you outsource, and your colour printing needs. We then draw up a report that includes an assessment of savings or profitability, our recommended solutions, and a sample service contract based on your consumption. Choosing us as a supplier and partner means gaining a powerful ally for your business.

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We offer a full range of production and management tools for wide format graphic arts drawings and documents. Our systems support black-and-white and colour printing, scanning, finishing, and sorting.

At Le Groupe A&A, we have a team devoted exclusively to wide format printing equipment that comprises wide format solutions advisers, technical specialists, and dedicated application specialists. In addition, our wide format after-sales support team, made up of several skilled technicians, is dedicated to solving any equipment-related problem—from mechanics and connectivity to applications—as quickly as possible, either remotely or on-site.

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Tired of waiting forever for PDF documents to print?We’re here to help! We keep quality, simplicity, speed, and cost-efficiency top of mind when we tailor our solutions to your needs.

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