Placing Supply Orders

In Equipment section, you can place an order supplies for all your equipment. When you place an order for supplies equipment, you order supplies associated with this equipment. This ensures you get the right supplies for this equipment.

Pour placer une commande de fournitures, procédez comme suit: 1 Locate the equipment for which you want to order supplies by doing one of the following.• From the tile Equipment click one of the following. On the file: Displays all your equipment, we recorded in our database of e-automate data.ON Contract: Displays a list of all the equipment you have on contract database with e-automate data.Contract OFF: Displays a list of all equipment that is not currently under contract. Use the search feature to locate specific equipment. See Search for sales orders within the subtheme Search section below for more information. Page equipment opens and displays the list of equipment.

2. Click on the number of the equipment you want to order supplies.

The equipment information page display

3. Click [supplies] in the upper left corner of the page.

In the Quantity (Qty) column, enter the quantity for each item you wish to add to the order of the offer.

The New Sales Order display

If you want to select a different delivery address. Click the button [...].

You can insert a comment in the Order comments section.

To add another item, click Add Items ...

Click [Save] to submit the order.