Placing Service Calls

You can submit a service call via the Service calls tile. The service call is added to our database as soon as you submit the call. To enter a new service call, do the following. 1. Locate the Service calls tile.2. Click [New Service Call].

The New Service Call page displays.

3. In the Identify the equipment that requires service region, do one of the following: • If the equipment is a machine that currently exists in your e-automate database, do the following. a. Select the This IS an equipment existing in the system option.b. Click the […] located to the right of Select equipment.

The Select Equipment window opens.

c. To search for a specific piece of equipment, click [Search for equipment] to display the Find field. Enter search criteria and click [Go…] to display the search results. Note: You may enter any portion of the equipment number, description, serial number, contact, or location. d. To show all available equipment, click [Show all equipment].e. From the list, select the machine you want on this service call. The Select equipment window closes and the machine is added to the call. • If the equipment is not a machine that exists in your e-automate database, do the following. a. Select This is not an equipment existing in the system option. The Description, Model, and Serial number fields display.b. In the Description field, enter the machine description.c. In the Model field, enter the machine model number.d. In the Serial number field, enter the machine serial number. 4. In the Enter customer PO number (optional) region, enter the customer PO number in the Customer PO number field. This is not a required step.

5. In the Enter a description of the problem you are experiencing with the equipment region, enter a description of the issue in the Description field.

6. Click [Save] to add the call and return to the Service Calls window.