Our printing equipment division offers much more than just printing products. Its full-scale approach involves changing work habits to upgrade printing processes and promoting greener, more cost-effective practices—measures that go a long way toward cost reduction.

We’ll provide you with a comparative analysis to help you make an informed and profitable decision!


Each of our mandates starts with a needs assessment. We take stock of your equipment and assess its performance. We examine the real needs of each user and look for ways to optimize paper archiving and reduction processes while consolidating printing through the use of multifunction systems. Our aim during this first stage is to identify the issues that stem from printing processes (unsuitable equipment, redundancy, poor user habits, etc.) and come up with cutting-edge solutions to address your needs.


Looking to increase productivity and reduce printing costs? Get in touch with our team of experts—you could shrink your operating costs by 40 percent!

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We have been proudly delivering outstanding after-sales service for more than 40 years. Our mobile team of specialists is made up of over 20 technicians throughout Quebec. We also offer first-class connectivity support, providing immediate over-the-phone assistance for all non-mechanical (software, network, or connectivity) issues. You can count on our reputation.


Our solutions enable our customers to reduce their print fleet costs and maximize work efficiency.

Copiers Photocopiers & multifunction printers Whether you’re looking for monochrome or colour equipment, our top-of-the-line office printing systems are guaranteed to meet your needs. Contact us Postal equipment Mailing systems,
and pressure sealers
Le Groupe A&A offers state-of-the-art equipment to make mailing a breeze. Contact us
Shredders Peace of mind Our super-quiet cross-cut shredders feature a user-friendly design and offer proven manufacturing quality. Contact us

Paper accounts for more than 10 percent of your office expenses. Find out how we can help you lower that figure.

Does your office have too many printers? We can help you centralize and optimize your fleet.