Meters information

The Meters area is where you find meter information for all equipment you have on record in our e-automate database as well as entering meter readings. The Meters area is accessed from the e-info homepage through the Meters tile. From the Meters tile you can:
  • View a list of meters that are due
  • View a list of all meters

Entering Meter Readings You may enter new meter readings through the Meters tile. To enter meter readings, do the following. 1. From the Meters tile, click on one of the following.
  • Meters due: Displays only those equipment that have meters due and the equipment’s previous meter information.
  • All meters: Displays all your equipment with your meter reading information.Note: If you want to locate a specific meter you may do so through the Search tile. See the Searching for Meters subtopic under the Meters topic.

2. Locate the equipment for which you want to enter a reading 3. The meter reading date defaults to the current day. If you want to change the meter date click the […] button next to the Meter reading date and select the desired date.

4. In the New Reading column, enter the new meter reading.

5. Click [Save].

e-info will automatically validate the meter reading and display the validation status in the Meter Validation Message column.