Choosing to invest in 3D printing equipment is a big decision! Fortunately, we’ve helped more than 50 manufacturing companies in a wide range of fields find the ideal technology for their specific applications.

We specialize in advising companies on production systems and professional 3D printing equipment.


What can you do with a professional 3D printer?

A 3D printer can be used to produce samples, validation prototypes, specialized tools, and complex geometric shapes faster and cheaper than conventional manufacturing methods.

Generally speaking, our customers invest in 3D technology to speed up their product development cycles, curb losses due to design errors, and produce more prototypes internally, all in the interest of having greater control over confidential information, manufacturing timelines, and subcontractor costs.


  • Validate, perfect, and correct the design of new products

  • Avoid delays and unexpected costs

  • Evaluate new projects more effectively to facilitate bidding

  • Produce specialized tools for specific applications pour des applications particulières

  • Separate the R&D and production departments

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How can a 3D production printer help your business?

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, marks a new chapter in the industry.

Among other benefits, it makes it possible to produce batches of different parts without having to use moulds, construct original, organic geometric shapes, and work on a made-to-order basis without having to switch tools. Though beyond the scope of conventional methods, these options are now available in the medical, dental, aeronautical, defence, and automotive fields, as well as the manufacture of foundry waxes and injection moulds.


  • Ability to mass-produce specialized objects

  • Unique, custom-made objects

  • Complex geometric objects

  • Geometric designs that require the use of additive manufacturing

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The term “3D printer” encompasses an eye-opening variety of models, sizes, functions, and technologies. It’s easy to get confused! We are experts in every industrial 3D printing technology on the market. We’ll help you find the right one for your business—you can take our word for it.

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How does it work?

3D printing technologies come in several varieties that differ in terms of materials, quality, level of precision, dimensions, and processes. Behind each of them, however, lies the same principle: the layer-by-layer application of material to create geometric shapes.

Cette géométrie est originalement un dessin virtuel 3D (CAD) qui sera transformé en tranches par un logiciel de communication entre l’ordinateur et l’imprimante 3D. Chacune des tranches devient alors une coordonnée qui dictera à l’imprimante où appliquer le matériel afin de reconstruire le plus fidèlement possible l’objet convoité.

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Our role

We serve as the bridge between available solutions and your needs, and we always bear your current and future projects in mind.

We take a look at the products you make and weigh the potential benefits of introducing 3D equipment into your workflow. After providing you with a report based on print simulations and a comparison with your current manufacturing methods, we put the quality of our technologies to the test by printing one of your models using our recommended solution.

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Leave your competitors in the dust!

Rather than seeing it as an expense, think of acquiring 3D printing equipment as a strategic investment that lends you a competitive edge.

This technology is a cost-effective way to grow your business and get your products to market faster. Stay two steps ahead of the competition.

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